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York Fair Trade Forum is delighted to announce that our new book is hot off the press. Fair’s Fair – Inspiring stories of Fair Trade champions from the 18th century to the present day is the vision of Forum members Kathryn Tissiman and Margot Brown, and the result of much hard work by them with help from many others. We’re very excited about the book and you can find details about how to purchase it below. It is also available in various shops including the Spurriergate Centre, Fairer World and Shared Earth in York; Aroma cafe in Haxby; and All’s Fair in Selby (Counting House, 79 Micklegate).

Fair's Fair book

We all depend on people and countries far and near for the things we use and eat every day. We need to think about what we buy because everything we purchase has an effect. It affects the lives of the people who grow, produce and make what we buy. So, many of us buy Fairly Traded, or ‘Fairtrade’ goods, which give those who produce them a fair price and better working conditions.

There is a long history, in many different countries of the world, of people who have helped to improve the lives of producers by selling only goods which had been freely produced. Read about 10 of these courageous and visionary ‘champions’ in this book.

There are still many more characters, past and present, who worked and are still working to make sure that producers can work safely and be fairly paid for their hard work.

“It’s an interesting and encouraging book, showing the impact for good an individual can have. I am impressed by the work you have done at the York Fair Trade Forum to put the book together” Anne T


Buy 1-10 copies    £4 each plus postage

Buy 11-20 copies   £3.75 each plus postage

Buy 21 -24 copies    £3.50 each plus postage

Buy over 25 copies    £3.50  free postage

To buy your copy(ies) please email, telling her how many copies you would like and indicating whether you would rather pay by electronic bank transfer or by cheque so we can send you the appropriate details. Or, if you want to buy up to 10 copies, you can use the PayPal button below (you don’t need a PayPal account to use this payment method):

Number of copies

NB: Trade customers, please email for information about trade discounts.

FREE download: inspirational ideas for children!! Forum member Helen Harrison has written a comprehensive set of Teaching Notes for use alongside the book for anyone working with children. You can download them for free either as an editable document or as a pdf (better version for printing). A host of ideas to kick-start your own activities.