About Us

What is Fair Trade?

Fair Trade is a partnership between producers (the farmers, craftsmen and women in poorer countries who provide our coffee, tea, sugar, cocoa, cotton and jewellery among other daily items) and the consumers in wealthier countries.

The partnership ensures

  • Prices paid to producers provide a living wage
  • Better environmental standards
  • More rights for workers and their families and communities
  • Better trading relationships
  • Access to the Fairtrade Premium which gives communities the money needed to improve education, infrastructure, business training and equipment

What does York Fair Trade Forum Do?

  • Fairtrade City LogoCampaign locally, nationally and internationally for a fairer, just and sustainable corporate control trade system
  • Promote Fair Trade in York through a variety of activities
  • Review and Renew York City Fairtrade Status
  • Provide a list of Fair Trade retailers in the city for citizens and visitors
  • Work with other Fair Trade towns and regions

We are a not-for-profit organisation.

What does the Fairtrade Mark mean?

ftlogoThis logo, registered with the EU, helps shoppers identify the items on the shop shelves     which have been fairly traded in accordance with internationally agreed standards.  The use of this logo on a product is licensed by the Fairtrade Foundation.